Kurdistani Alliance: Iran's attacks are a clear expression of hostility towards Kurds

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  • 12:03 29 September 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that Iran's ongoing attacks are a clear expression of hostility towards the Kurds, the Kurdistani Alliance Initiative said:"It is important that inter-Kurdish unity should be against the attacks."
The Iranian regime attacked 3 bases belonging to the Kurdish parties in Komeleya Rojhilatê Kurdistanê in the Zirgiwê region and Koye district, near the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Federated Kurdistan Region with drones. As a result of the drone attacks, 9 people lost their lives and at least 32 people were injured. Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Revolutionary Democratic Kurdish Association (DDKD), Kurdistan Democratic Party-Turkey (KDP-T), Kurdistan Democratic Party Bakur (KDP-BAKUR), The Kurdistani Alliance Initiative, which includes the Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP), Human and Freedom Party (PIA) and Azad Party, condemned the Iranian regime's attacks on the region in a written statement.
In the statement, the Kurdistani Alliance Initiative said: "We strongly condemn Iran's attacks. Kurdish unity has become more essential than ever against all attacks. We condemned the murder of Jîna Mahsa Amini by the Iranian regime. Democratic and civil protests, which started with the murder of Jîna Mahsa Amini in custody and spread all over the country under the leadership of women, are being suppressed by the regime's disproportionate use of force. The Iranian regime is increasing its authoritarian anger in the face of this civil resistance, which has developed with the resistance and leadership of women and is supported all over the world, and today it takes this to another dimension with the attacks against the Kurdistan Regional Government.
In the statement, the Kurdistani Alliance Initiative continued:" the anger of the Iranian regime against the civilian Kurds continues with the attacks. As an expression of the anger of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Kurds, Kurdistan and the democratic demands of the people of İran, it caused the death and injury of dozens of people in the attacks carried out by the Kurdistan Regional Government against Pirdê, Koye and Zirdigeze. These attacks, which violate international laws and the sovereign right, resulted in the murder of citizens and the bombing of civilian settlements. These attacks are a clear expression of the hostility of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the Kurdish people."
Pointing out that the chaotic situation that emerged as a result of the developments in the world and the region threatens the peace, stability and security of the region, the following statements were included: "Iran's attacks on the Kurdistan Regional Government on the one hand and Turkey's attacks on Bashur and Rojava on the other hand have brought the peoples of Kurdistan and the Kurdish political parties to take unity, solidarity and a common stance more than ever before. These attacks carried out by Iran lead to the destruction of the bridges that are being built between the peoples and it also destabilizes the Kurdistan Regional Government."
The statement was completed as follows:"As the Kurdistani Alliance, we condemn these attacks in the strongest terms and call for an immediate end to these attacks. We invite international and regional institutions and organisations such as the Iraqi Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the United Nations, and the Arab League to take responsibility in the face of these attacks. We offer our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives as a result of the attacks and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.”